Ben's World Shop. Treat yourself to some amazing products featuring the zany characters from Ben's World.

Ben's World. Home of the popular UK cartoon strip featuring zany Ben and his friends.

Does It Rain In Other Dimensions? Web site  of the book featuring the tale of one man's life-long contact with a variety of types of off-worlders, including his Space Brothers, a Bio-mechanical Being, Tulip People and Light Beings.

Star Hill Publishing. eBooks will never replace the smell of the ink and the rustle of anticipation as the page turns.

Lights2Beyond. Astounding photographs of paranormal phenomena. The first in the field to produce a written observation of the orbs and light beings.

The Zen of Ben. In his new book, Ben takes a quantum leap to reveal the Universe within the Cartooniverse, bringing a whole new meaning to Cosmic Consciousness!

Project Camelot. Amazingly informative site with video interviews, audio interviews, interview transcripts and other information on what is happening on our planet. In their own words: "Our purpose is to provide a vehicle for researchers and 'whistleblowers' to get their stories out."


Kevin Smith Radio Show. The place to go if you want to be in the know! Excellent radio show with in-depth content on extemely relevant topics presented by the astute Kevin Smith.