Some Examples of Puzzles


Regular puzzles for Ace Comic
Puzzle packs for Henderson Publishing
Puzzles for various Lagoon books:
visual, spatial,
logical, lateral,
code, etc.
Puzzles for various Beano books
Puzzles for various Fun Fax books
Regular puzzles and features for ....
XC and You Magazines
Two sample pages from regular ....
puzzles for Spinechiller Magazine
Puzzles for Lagoon
Samples of puzzles that appeared in my regular spot in the Sunday News & Star
Regular puzzles and features for ...
TechnoQuest magazine
Regular Puzzles page in Sunday Post Magazine
Samples of types of puzzles for newspapers
Samples of puzzles that appeared in the Young Telegraph
Regular puzzles and features...
for PC Ace Magazine
Lagoon Puzzle Books
Puzzles for my own Super Secret Code Book
Puzzles for my own Incredible Code Book
Word Whackers puzzle book for Watts Publishing
Puzzles for Lagoon
Puzzles for my own 'Pocket Pals' book series



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